Nov 16, 2010

The photograph

The first step to any arranged marriage is the photo. The photo has to be taken in various poses, different angles. Its any photographer's nightmare. If the girl/boy is looking good in the photo, its because she/he is really beautiful or handome. But in the reverse case, its the photographer's fault. He can take only what is in front of him, right? Any photographer must be forever grateful to the person who invented the photoshop. Maybe it was invented by a photographer only.

I refused to go through all this rigmarole. Every time they came came up with the idea of going to the studio to take a 'really nice', I came up with various excuses. ( Let me get my eyebrows threaded. Let me lose my tan. I'm so tired today. Let me lose the weight I put on eating all those sweets last week. I got a pimple.) I was surprised they bought these excuses in the beginning. Later they got better of me. They decided to manage with the snap which I had taken for my certificate.

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