Dec 2, 2010

The matrimonials

The Indian Matrimonial Industry-- how much money they must make. Really!

There are matrimonial columns in the newspaper, a full six to eight pages of the Sunday newspaper or its supplement is devoted to the matrimonial 'advertisements'. A sample goes thus.  "Alliance invited for Iyer girl/ Vadama/ Srivatsam/ 1986/ 175cm/ B.Tech/ Very Fair Complexion/ Affluent family , from Iyer boys/ 1980-1983/ 182cm/ Engineer-IT/ Affluent family." What if there's a guy with all other specifications except that his height is 180 cm instead or he is born in 1984. These ads, they are the ultimate. Another one runs thus. “31 year old Pentecost Christian, graduate, unemployed seeks suitable alliance from well employed, graduate girls from financially sound family." So its very clear what the bridegroom seeks. Thanks for being so blatant. 

The way these columns run. Its hilarious. Better than Khushwant Singh jokes.

Then there are the matrimonial websites, umpteen numbers of them. Separate for each community and each state. They are all so happy to announce free registration, free registration, free registration. But what is this free registration exactly? You can put your photo and other details free of charge for 3 days, or one week, or one month, depending on the website. But then you cannot view the contact details or family details of the other members. You can just see through the photographs. That also is limited, maybe 10 or 20 snaps. Also, you cannot avail of various facilities and offers open to the paid members. What these facilities are I hardly know for now. Then, some of these sites actually make 'best' matches for you depending on the details you give. Also you can search through their 'bank' (snaps, basically) to see hundreds of boys and girls of various professions and backgrounds. Well, it’s the same thing that the dating agencies also do, isn't it? Calling it by such and such name, does it make it any different? A rose by whatever name….

 I dare say in the ad column there should be a column, virgin: YES/NO. Well, why can't there be? There are sites which ask smoking, drinking, veg, non veg, horoscope and everything. Then, why not virginity. I dare say its important. Atleast to me!

I cannot marry a guy who has slept with another girl through this arranged marriage rigmarole. That is something I am very particular about.

So guys, what you think of these matrimonial columns and websites? Is it the best place to find a partner?


  1. Very true, but reading such things are funny rather than anything else :) People can go upto any extent

  2. Fertility Rituals

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    Offering of Grains

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    Importance of Shiva's Bael leaves

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  4. Hi, Feeling great reading this. I am going through exactly same phases