Dec 22, 2010

Never ever fairy tales

It’s a good decision by Disney, to stop producing any more princess movies. These fairy tale movies and stories become so much a part of children that they won't outgrow them. And I am one of such kids who never grew up.
I still live in these fairy tales; they open a parallel universe to me, the universe where everything is perfect and happy. I fantasize about a fairy godmother who would turn me into a beautiful princess, about a valiant Prince in shining armor who would come riding on a white horse waving his sword, about the beautiful poor damsel whom the prince will fall in love with and live happily ever after. Of course, the fantasy has many variations. Sometimes the prince would be the hottest movie star, or the hunkiest footballer, or the new sexy singer or even the most eligible prince around - Prince William. I would be meeting him sometimes in Paris, or in London or in the States or even in India. We would fall in love and manage to keep our affair from the paparazzi and the rest of the world. He proposes and we live happily ever after. And now that Prince William has proposed to Kate Middleton, one would expect these fantasies to die off. But the brain is really an amazing thing. It refuses to kill them. It modifies the fantasy, making the Prince fall in love with me in spite of his commitment (like the prince who falls in love with the mermaid despite being engaged to someone else). Maybe this is what the scientists call the plasticity of human brain.

When we are children the fairy tales are quite an enjoyable reading. Nice things happening to nice people. Bad things happen to evil people. As we grow up we believe the same, we expect the same, and at last we begin to hope for the same.  But the difficult thing is, in a fairy tale we reach the end of the story within minutes. Like sleeping beauty, where the prince discovers her after many years. The princess eats the apple and falls asleep. The storyteller has only one thing to say, "Then many years later, a prince comes…" In real life, the many years would actually take many years. It’s a long wait. Even while waiting, you are unsure. Only if we could know the end sooner.

It takes quite some time to realise that our life is not a fairy tale, that our life cannot be a fairy tale. Even after the realisation, many of us still hope for a fairy tale to happen in our lives.

I am sure there would be many girls like me who at some point in their life believed she would be a princess. I really wonder how the real life princesses felt when these fairy tales were read to them.


  1. Hey there....I am one of those who believed, and ahem, ahem,...still believes in the fairy all time favorites have been Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast...Maybe, we should try and be the more independent princesses...and not wait for the Prince to save us...we can all be the Princesses in our own fairy least, one can hope right... :)

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  3. I'm the same kinda girl...still being pessimistically optimistic, hoping against hope that someone will eventually come and sweep me off my feet. But a friend sent me a story at a particularly difficult point in life, when i was broken-hearted over a boy. Despite its incredibly corniness, it cheers me up to high heavens :D Hope it'll do the same to you. This is how it goes:

    Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?" The girl said, "NO!" And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, skiing, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had sex with whomever she pleased and farted whenever she wanted.

  4. @ caterpillar.. i like that. Being our own Princesses and not waiting for a Prince.

    @ Mad Fat Girl.. I really like the story about this girl. She lived happily ever after. Didn't have to manage a lazy husband and waste her life on him, but she had a life of her own.