Dec 13, 2010

From divorcee to being unmarried

"*******!", shrieks from my mom in the morning." Divorcee!" " Its marked divorcee in your profile" " O my god! No wonder all those nice proposals went away. They must've thought you were a divorcee." " now I know why we received calls from two divorcees" " You had been divorcee over the weekend when so many people must have looked"

The reason for this unkind reaction- it seems that my marital status in the matrimonial profile is 'divorcee' instead of being 'unmarried'. My parents suspect me to have changed it as I had been saying I don’t want to marry now. It must have cropped up when I deleted my salary details which my dad has so proudly declared. I know arranged marriages are not based on love (It’s a scary thought. That the guy I may marry might not be in love with me). And what its based on, I do not know. (Indian parents attitude of I know what’s best for my child?). What I don't want it to be based on is money.

Soon the profile details were edited from being divorcee to unmarried at the most rapid pace.

P.S. I don't have anything against divorced people. Coming to it of it, I think a divorced man would be a good choice as he would have learnt from his mistakes and not likely to repeat the same.


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  2. stumbled on your blog today..and it is informative! I salute you!