Dec 15, 2010


Arranged marriage- a marriage where the parents decide the life-partner for their children. It is a spectrum, from a marriage purely decided by the parents with the girl or guy having no say in the matter, to the marriage where the son/daughter likes someone and the 'first move' is made by his/her parents to the other parents, and here generally it’s the boy's parents who speaks to the girl's parents.

Love marriage- the normal marriage as known in the western world, where the guy and the girl meet each other, start going out and decide to get married. In India, this kind of marriage may be opposed by either one or both their family and they get married against their parents' wishes.

Love arranged marriage- similar to above, except that the parents consent to their marriage and they marry with their parents' blessings.


  1. Just read through some of your past blogs, and I quite enjoyed them. Good luck with all of that.. I hope you find a "love arranged marriage".

  2. hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. much-appreciated. since we're sailing on the same boat, I empthise with you completely. Thankfully, my father is the one who's shamelessly telling about me, so I'm one step removed from this whole process

  3. My ideal would be arranged dating where parents introduce marriage prospects to you but you still make the ultimate decision (together with your parents).

  4. @ Trish thanks for ur wishes dear.

    @shruthi: even in my case, its the parents who are over enthusiastic. I guess that's the case with most Indian girls.

    @shopgirl: yes, that is a great idea. but an arranged dating would lose its spontaneity, right?