Dec 30, 2010

I am on cloud nine!

I had been on vacation. And when I come back, what do I see? That I've won an award! An award for the honest scrap! Wonderful! I m on cloud nine! I am so happy! So elated! So grateful! It has been given to me by Shopgirl who has a great blog A blessing a Day. Reading her blogalways makes me a happier person. Thank you Shopgirl for the award. It is my first award and a great impetus to keep blogging. ( Yes! Like it or not you will have to read more of me.)

And following the tradition here I'm telling some intimate details of me.

1.                I am a virgin. And I want to lose my virginity to someone special.
2.                I do not think I would like the guy whom my parents are going to select for me.
3.                I might run away from marrying the guy whom my parents select. ( you might have guessed that already). Or on second thoughts I think it is a great idea to say 'I don't' when the priest asks.
4.                I do not think my parents have any clue about my personality or they have any clue about the guy whom I may like.
5.                I like cats, but I don't hate dogs, I am only afraid of dogs. 

I am passing on this award to five other blogs. Really guys, it was very difficult to decide. Here's my five, each of them are really great blogs. Do visit them.

1.                The Shh Diaries.
2.                Fading margins
3.                Masala Moodswings
4.                Calling people names
5.                Bag lady

I have a feeling this coming year is going to be really wonderful! Happy New Year to you.


  1. congrats on the award. i was going to pick you for the award too, shopgirl got you first i love how direct and honest your 5 random things are. keep blogging!

    happy 2011!

  2. WOW! Congrats on your first award...and now I know EXACTLY how thrilling it is to receive it! Thank you soooooo much for picking really is an AWESOME boost! :D

  3. @ Maria. Great to know you had me in your mind.
    @ Mad fat girl. Yes, I know!

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  5. I just stumbled on your blog, and really enjoyed reading it! :) I love the post and disney princesses and agree that we all get these unrealistic impressions of love, men, family, relationships from it... sometimes we're sorely dissappointed later on. Anyways, looking forward to more of your posts.

    Also, just wanted to say I love the header: "I love life and want not to just live but be alive..." That's beautiful.

  6. Congratulations and Happy New Year. Now that I've heard about it, I look forward to checking your blog out more often in the future. It is a fascinating topic and you are very brave to share it!

  7. @ Priya & Tara: Thanks. I hope I dont disappoint you.

    Happy New Year !

  8. Wow rb, I'm so honored! Your blog is amazing, and I will definitely follow this up sometime this week with a shout out to you and my own picks. Keep blogging!!

  9. Dani! That sounds so interesting. Looking forward to it!

  10. Sorry I am so late to comment. I loved your facts, and I am so with you on #5. Also agree on #4 somewhat, though after so many years of "dating" failures I am beginning to warm to the idea of them helping me at least find some dates. Well deserved and love your writing, the subject itself is just so interesting and the stories!

  11. @ shopgirl: Ah well... What can i say about parents finding you dates.. If you venture into that let me hear about it.

  12. Thanks for the award. :) Sorry I'm so late coming by to claim it. Hope your New Year was lovely.

  13. Wow!! Your blog is amazing! I'm reading it from the start! :) Thanks for blogging your experiences runaway bride!! :) I'll be in the same situation as you in about a year's time as I am now pursuing a postgraduate degree. God, I don't want to go through the whole experience!! But if I were told that I would meet my soulmate through arranged marriage, then I am prepared to go all the way! :) Nice blog! Please visit mine if you have time :) I'm not a regular blogger but I do blog occasionally. Thanks!!