Mar 18, 2011

Fussy about fuzz

There seems to be a lot of discussions in the blog-world regarding hair these days. So I thought I shall clear some of my doubts regarding  hair.

Well, my doubt is not regarding the long or short tresses on a girl. ( I am yet to figure out why is it that hair on any other part of a girl other than on her head is considered  un-beautiful). 

It is regarding the hair way down there... yes, the pubic hair. It started when my friend mentioned her sexual escapades with her boyfriend. She uses a razor and she had shaved a couple of days before the said encounter. So there was a small stubble already forming. Her boyfriend uses a scissors to keep the area trimmed. The problem was this.... At the end of a fruitful night, the boyfriend says, " Wish you had not shaved. Now my teeny weeny is sore because of rubbing against your stubble." This comment had such an effect on my hapless girlfriend that she was in the brink of depression. Mind you, this was her first and she thoroughly enjoyed it. But the dickhead boyfriend had to come up with such a comment! 

I know we girls do enjoy the stubble on the man more than a moustache or a beard. The feel of the stubble rubbing against one's face or hands or neck or any other part is so nice and is known to turn on some women. But what is it with the menfolk? The pubic stubble making his dick sore? Please enlighten me about this, you guys out there.

My girlfriend was so curious after this incident that she went about asking a lot of girls what they do with the shrub down there. And I would also like to know. What do you men and women out there do with your pubic hair? Do you trim it with scissors? Do you shave? Do you use hair removing creams? And how do you want your partner's pubic hair to be? Do you want it to be hairy or hairless? Shaved or trimmed with scissors?


  1. That's why the Brazilian wax and rip has become popular, Miss Runaway, in spite of the torture it causes. No stubble remains after that. I have no sympathy for silly boyfriend, though, he should have used a rubber if his tinkie-winkie was that sensitive.

  2. Brazillian wax it is ! It's a little humiliating n painful but once done, you'd want to show it off more than anything else !

  3. WAXING baby! it's a little expensive, but long-lasting and non-soreness inducing effects! :D
    And I do agree with Gorilla Bananas about the boyfriend. What an ass!

  4. But the pain and agony..I can';t even imagine a Brazilian.
    Nope..I think I will just stick with Shaving and a scissors.

  5. I just let it all hang out. I always have. And Hubby likes it that way.

  6. @ Mr. Gorilla : Your lady folk must be fascinated by the extent of torture human women can self-inflict.

    @ Jaya J and Shruthi : Brazilian wax for the long lasting and showing off effect.

    @ Merrymusing : The Brazilian wax is worth the pain and agony. Maybe you should try it once.

    @ Eva : That's a nice Hubby you have got. My friend wound be jealous of you.

  7. I like to "maintain" a semblance of order "down there" with scissors or an electric razor. I keep it ultra short - for me. My love swears he doesn't care if I trim, shave or let it be natural...and it's nice he doesn't have a preference for when I'm feeling crazy amounts of lazy.

    I've tried shaving, waxing and hair removal creams. I like the "day of" results, but the days after are a nightmare and completely not worth one day of awesomeness.

    To answer your other question: I do prefer it when my love maintains a reasonable length in his manhood region and have told him so. He doesn't mind and does what he can for me. :)

  8. I'm sorry, but this post made me laugh. Not expecting to read this on on my lunch hour! Anyway, I would hope that all this hair removal businesss is more to please one's own preferences than others. And yet, society has a strong say in what we do, too.

  9. @ Sam: when the day after comes, one feels all the pain is not worth it!

    @ Lydia: Society can never stop minding their own business.

  10. This is amazingly funny. I personally shave in the morning and trim what bits i leave behind... i am going to get laser one day so it will be gone forever!

  11. Lasering is not bad but it can get expensive because you need to go multiple times before the hair starts coming back (my friend used to get her eyebrows lasered, and down there is much larger than in between your eyes).
    I personally shave in the shower every couple days, my boy doesn't mind if it gets a little long either so I don't shave too often to avoid ingrown hairs (ouchy!)