Mar 29, 2011

A Little Gaming Experience

Fair Guy and I are seeing each other, but we are not a couple yet. According to him, we are special friends with special benefits.

That time I never knew how much the special benefits would extend to. I was a novice ( still so). I'm learning and I'm enjoying his teaching. The class has reached only upto second base. It took a long time time to graduate from first to second base.  Partly because there was no private enough place to play until we found the basement of a restaurant. And also because I value my big girls a lot and I had decided they were not to be handled by any tom, dick or harry. And mostly because, this was my first.

I was all enthusiastic to attend the practice sessions because I was cheated into believing that we both were at the same level and combined studies would be good for us. And after the first taste of the game, I needed to touch first base everytime we met. It was thrilling and delirious. I should give due credit to Fair Guy; he has amazing lips and everytime he necks, I could feel a pleasaurable sensation going down till my toes.  But my interest for second base ended the day Fair Guy decided that he had to be honest with me and told me he had already reached upto the third base a couple of years ago. In effect, I attended only one class of second base and that was not much of a practice.

I ask myself, why am i upset? There was no commitment or anything. Moreover it was before my times.And does it matter? I know that I would definitely not end up with him. Then why the hell am I pulling a big face over it? Because I repeatedly kept asking him his experiences and he repeatedly kept saying, " RB, you are the first! There were no others..." And then this confession of sorts ( why do I call it a confession?) has really put me off. Because i have no previous experience and he has. I know I'm being puerile and his is a small experience. Still...the balance has tilted.


  1. It's not a competition about who has the most experience, Miss Runaway. His "experience" was probably a disappointing one, which is why he's so eager for booby action with you. Think of him as a sparring partner to train with before your big bout.

  2. I'm with gorilla! At least he did tell you. Plus, I kind of like a man who knows what he is doing. But in all fairness, I've been to home plate many times.

  3. I guess he was being honest, but in the end the only thing that matters is what you are comfortable with-physically, culturally, mentally.

    Take care of your "girls!"

  4. be careful, because if you're sure he's not "the one" and you don't like to share it all around town, you may find yourself regretful down the road when you do find the one & wish you had more untried experiences left to give. you don't have to waste them on someone who's not important long-term.
    i know this sounds archaic, but i think it can still apply today.

  5. @ Mr.Gorilla: I shall keep in mind its not a competition.

    @ Eva: I know Eva that you would have hit home plate hundreds of times.. ;-)

    @ Lydia: Sure my girls will be safe..

    @ SherilinR: I know its archaic.. but I'm also old-fashioned.. Wanted to save myself up for the special one... Now I shall save whatever is there left to be saved..

  6. i understand where you're coming from.
    play partners or not, some trust is still important, and if you are not entirely comfortable, then it can fuck with your mind.

  7. I understand your qualms RB....but I am happy that Fair Guy decided to share that info with you early on. You would have been devastated if he revealed that only after he reached third base or so with you.
    Full marks to him for his honesty.

  8. "I ask myself, why am i upset? There was no commitment or anything. Moreover it was before my times.And does it matter? I know that I would definitely not end up with him."

    Would you have to reveal this amazing experience in the arranged marriage scenario considering the "GAAY(cow)" would be getting into a committed relationship and he will end up with you?

  9. You make me think. you make me laugh. So, here is a little award - Versatile Blogger Award.
    Check it out here -

  10. Well....if it's going to bother you, there's really not goin to be a lot of fun...and I agree with merrymusing...he was honest...that's a redeeming quality....

  11. @ Merrymusing: Thanks for the award.

  12. Ohhh...I so get your angst. But you know, like Gorilla's not a competition. And the thing is men always have more experience than women. even the Indian ones. And if you are enjoying it and you know you aren't goin to end up with him anwyay, then just enjoy it. And that's all. First base, second base...third base..doesn't matter. It's all for the thrill. And you sound like you're getting a lot of that!

  13. Meet the jerkwad!
    God why the hell are boys, especially the ones in our country, such legendary idiots.

    At least he lied about how many times. There are some people who will go so far as to say "after we get married baby" and then be in a room alone with you and things will happen.

    A year later, you're single and wondering why the hell you let things happen only.

    Anyway, I'm talking from a 'been there, done that' place. This friends with benefits gig, not a good idea. You'll start liking him and it and he'll dump you like a hot potato when he sees you have feelings.

    Take it easy and tell him you don't want any more physical contact. I would like to see how long he holds out and what kind of sales pitch he'll give to convince you...

  14. I think the fact that he has experience doesn't matter ..but the lies do.Be careful girl..take care of yourself.
    This is definitely the hormones...enjoy it.I certainly think any woman undergoing the tiring process of arranged marriage suitor search deserves some time off to indulge her wild side,before she settles in.

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  16. Hi,your blog is really interesting as I am also going through similar sessions called "pellichoopulu". Recently I had my 6th one probably my last. Not that I found what I wanted, but its because my parents are tired, can't hope for any better, I am already 26 and its high time etc. They ask me to think positive and be brave haha funny! I wish to tell these words to them in return. Now no hopes. Anyway I wish you all the best!
    coming to your fare guy story, I am a little skeptical about him. Being frank and truthful is good as long as his intentions are good. I feel he is conveniently earning your confidence this way. He lost his previous love and now may be checking on you to know what best is he getting. Mind you he is an indian guy.

    Ask your self, does he feel sorry/atleast keep a sorry face while he is revealing his truths? Not that they are something to regret about but, just that he knows they hurt you. If he is really fare enough he should keep them straight and presize. How sensible are your conversations? Does he tell you how true were his feelings for his previous girl?(not a good sign).
    Feelings ,emotions and time are not worth spending in relations which may have no proper conclusions.